Blue LED

My good mini fridge, I’ve had for a couple years, it had a blue LED in it looking very sharp, then one day the light stoped working, she kept everything nice and cold as a fridge should, so I kept it, until today, I was ready to throw it out and replace it with a new working led light, as I was giving it one more chance, hitting it all over hoping for a loose wire, as I hit the light inside the fridge, the light turns on, it works….oh Shit, I found the on/off Switch.


Playing in the woods for a day

I believe I’m starting to notice the little things in life has so much more value over anything else, and what has caught my eye is the outdoors on this day.

my goal, collect fire wood, cut and chop, start a fire and cook supper, plus build a bench with a back rest,

I completed everything, had friends for supper the end to a fantastic day.